Recording Artist

Studio mood music:  calming, angry, or energetic workout.

Available from CDBaby, or your favorite music steaming site, including YouTube.


Run Like You're 10 Feet Tall

Run like you're 10 feet tall cover image

Written for interval training exercise workouts.

19 seconds of fast 150 bpm tempo

followed by 38 seconds of 100 bpm tempo.

Buy it here or listen on youtube

All That Waltz

All that waltz cover image

A calming song good for reflection or slow dancing!

Listen to a sample or buy it here

Click to see the lyrics

All That Waltz Instrumental

All that waltz cover image

The Instrumental version of the song is even more 

relaxing and better suited for meditation background.

This version is linked from here and streaming partners.

Freak Off

Freak Off cover image

 If this song had lyrics, they would be mostly swear words.  

This is an angry feeling song underpinned with the unrelenting war drum, 

playing with discord and stridency. As the argument ebbs lower, round 2 begins.


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